Architecture Engineering Fire Safety


Our “Integrated Design” quality allows us to reach the best possible environmental, energy-saving and economical sustainability.
We are proud to use all state-of-the-art techniques, from simple bi-dimensional design to the most advanced virtual 3D model with an integrated metric calculation.
This approach will allow our team to present a clear, detailed and friendly-user technical drawing by optimizing the management of the whole design.
Thanks to the collaboration with Architecture Firms in eco-sustainable and eco-friendly designs, we are proud to realize a energy-saving and sustainable design paying attention to clean energy like co-generation, alternative fuel , geothermal gas and all kind of energy saving technologies.

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The Bio AEF Company is able to offer a 360 degrees vision of building design, with a special focus on the use of steel, concrete and other innovative materials.
The deep and clear knowledge of technical Regulations and sectoral Legislation and their application in a proper way is an important part of our quality and operative standard.
We regularly improve our technical skills and our knowledge of customs legislation is continously updated.
In the field of civil engineering , we are able to offer a comprehensive “turn-key” contract with any documentation required by existing Regulation.
We are proud to develop a multidisciplinary design thanks to our collaboration with other important technical Firms; in this way, we can deal with any state guaranteeing quality, responsability and compliance with the rules.


In Fire & Gas services, our Company has a long-lasting experience built in years with different environment, civil construction, industrial and naval that allows us to offer a comprehensive response to our client’s need for fire prevention and fire and gas detection.
The regular cooperation with leading Companies in this sector, will give us a constant updating of the most recent innovation as well as the knowledge of most advanced European and International regulation and law (UNI, NFPA, GOST,RINA,MCA,CEI).

Extinguishing systems
In this field “BIO AEF srl” is involved in:
• Realization of water system: sprinklers, sprayed water, deluge
• Realization of low pressure CO2 systems
• Realization of inert gas systems
• Rare gas systems with low environmental impact
• Realization of foam systems (low, medium,high pressure)
• Realization of powder systems

Detection systems
In this field “BIO AEF srl” can offer:
• Project and realization of any kind of detection systems for civil, industrial and
• Project and realization of Fire & Gas systems
• Detection of UV/IR for fire, explosive or toxic gas
• Realization of safe zones or classified zone (EExd)



  • First notions about Safety
  • Safety Planning during Design Phase
  • Executive Safety Planning
  • Operational Safety Planning


Bio AEF Company...

is able to manage all issues related to safety either on fixed or on mobile construction sites.

Experienced staff analyzes and manages all potential dangerous situations on construction sites.

Our experienced managers can manage scheduled inspections for the main purpose of preserving workers’ safety.





The Bio AEF – Bio Architecture Engineering Fire offers a wide range of services to all real estate operators and providers in residential, technical, commercial and industrial fields with competence, professionalism and multidisciplinarity.

Technical and Financial Advisory

• Feasibility Analisys
• Pre-Engineering Support

Design (Study, Operation, Execution)

• Integrated Design
• Architectural Design
• Structural Design
• Urbanistic Design
• Social Infrastructures
• Space Planning
• Project and Realization of Fire Fighting Systems

Civil Infrastructures

• Transportation: roads, bridges, railways, viaducts, underpass
• Environment: sanitation, drainage and waste water systems, soil protection
• Geo-technical Studies: hydraulic, chemical, soil analysis
• Telecommunications

Territorial and Building Optimization

Urbanization, Economic and Territorial Development Studies, Infrastructures and
Residential Plans
• Environmental Impact studies
• Safeguard and Restoration of existing historical building

Supervision of Works in Construction Sites

• Quality Control over materials and techniques
• Safety andtuning of all on site activites
• Static and Technical Tests

Project & Construction Management

• Bidding Support
• Contracting Support
• Time & Cost Control
• Tests
• Perizie tecniche

Control and Evaluation of Designs

Possibility of “all inclusive” offer thanks to our partnership with various Building Companies

Team composition will be created for each assignment according to the client’s request, using all internal and external available resources


We are a team of professionals at your service

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  • A.N.A.S. S.p.A.
  • Regional Administration of Molise
  • Provincial Administration of Campobasso
  • Trigno e Biferno Land Reclamation Authority
  • Occhito Land Reclamation Authority
  • Municipality of Acquaviva Collecroce
  • Municipality of Bojano (CB)
  • Municipality of Campobasso
  • Municipality of Campodipietra (CB)
  • Municipality of Castropignano (CB)
  • Municipality of Colle d’Anchise (CB)
  • Municipality of Colletorto (CB)
  • Municipality of Duronia (CB)

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  • Municipality of Larino (CB)
  • Municipality of Limosano (CB)
  • Municipality of Palata (CB)
  • Municipality of Ripabottoni (CB)
  • Municipality of Salcito (CB)
  • Municipality of Sepino (CB)
  • Municipality of Torella del Sannio (CB)
  • Municipality of Tufara (CB)
  • Municipality of Casalnuovo Monterotaro (FG)
  • Comunità Montana “Matese”
  • Comunità Montana “Trigno Monte Mauro”
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